"If you need a new building, you know to call a Real Estate expert; but who do you call when you need a new facility, complete with staff and infrastructure? Fortunately, we knew to call you."

         - A Alvarez, Fixhe Ltd.
I knew from your references that you'd be able to handle our needs, What I didn't know was how easily you'd handle them, and how quickly. You know I'll be calling on you when we open in Belize". - 2010

Michael Hulse Sr. VP, MP Millwork
Maspeth, NY
    "Who knew how difficult it would be to create invoices for my own little company"?  Fortunately, you knew, or rather you knew exactly how to set up our operation sufficiently.  Thank you for showing us how we can track our own using online invoicing thru Quickbooks.   We saved 13% that first year alone, and I'm so grateful for your help that I recommend your services to everyone I know. Thanks, you have a customer for life". - June 2011

Rowan English, RE Electricians
Westbury, NY
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"We knew that if we were to compete effectively in CA, we had to have an edge. We got one with your company."

                  - K Kerlan, Thorson

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"Our whole team was able to benefit from there creativity.  Now that's what I call peformance"

  - K Campbell, Richarmond VA

Mr. Brian Wyatt -
"You are a magnificent woman.  I'm speechless at how well you've looked out for me!  I'm very much looking forward to my trip to NY, thank you for booking so quickly". Blessings - February 2012
Award Winning Shanesia Winston from Savvy Buiness Makers  said " You guys are the best when it comes to Executive Virtual Assistant Services. I recommend your company to all small business owners that are seeking your must needed services. As we both know, when running a business you can not do it alone. So thank God for people like you. Oh' and awesome prices too if I may add!:) - April 2012
   She has always been very motivated, companionate to help others, and dedicated to her job. She provides excellent service to her customers and as a result, her company has been growing in double digits during the last three years. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information or have any questions that you may have regarding Gaila". - May 2013

Cordially yours,
Dr. H. Bodaghi
American Health Care Capital
   Gaila is consummate professional who is committed to her work.  She is responsible for representing the business to prospective clients in both public and private sectors the result have been most favorable. I highly recommend her. - April 2013

Gabrielle Rem
Healthy Choices Vending, LLC